Journal of Geography - Coğrafya Dergisi is an open access, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal published two times a year in June and December. It has been published since 1985. The manuscripts submitted for publication in the journal must be scientific and original work in Turkish or English.

Journal of Geography - Coğrafya Dergisi is a journal devoted to the publication of research which utilizes geographic approaches (physical, human, natural environment and GIS science) to resolve natural and human problems that have a spatiotemporal dimension. Published since 1985, it is one of the oldest geography journal in Turkey. The underlying motive of the journal is to create a platform for the works that produce scientific solutions for social, physical and nature-human relations and the understanding of its system.

Papers are invited on any theme involving the application of geographical science (physical and human dimension) and methodology in the redress of human and physical environmental problems.

All expenses of the journal are covered by the Istanbul University. Processing and publication are free of charge with the journal. There is no article processing charges or submission fees for any submitted or accepted articles.

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Main Lines Of The Geomorphological Features Of Istanbul’s Anatolian Side

The aim of this study is to identify and classify Istanbul Anatolian side. For this reason, first the main landforms in the region are identified, and subsequently the geographical distribution of these landforms is stated. In the study, the related sections of the Turkey Topography Maps with a scal...

Author/s : Emre Özşahin / Deniz Ekinci